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IoT Projects,Data Analytics, RnD,Product Development and Testing



In the RnD phase, we briefly go through the Research and design of the given problem. We go through various present methods, solutions, papers, and approach to solve the problem and integrate full IoT into the given system.

System Design and Test

Once we are confident with our RnD we then proceed towards the system development and testing the theories into base data, testing of various sensors and nodes to ensure the best performance. Rough outlined specs and performance parameters are tested in this phase. Simulation of the system also occurs in this phase.

Product Developement

Once our test is done we then march towards product development. Here, we test the system, look out for patents and also put the system into real-world tests. We ensure the best performance of the system to give the best in class product to our clients.










Our Achievement

Our Team

Dedicated and Creative

Krishna Sharma


Nitisha Bhattarai


Ranish Shrestha, Engineer


Prabal Dahal, Architect


Raju Sharan

Hardware Engineer

Previous Team Members

Supporter to the Milestone

Rohit Ratna Sthapit


Engineer Rohit was one of the co-founder for Avartan and was part of the team since 2015. Most of our initial project had his active and intense research. During late 2018, he left the team for perusal of his future in Nepal’s one of the first drone based startup Airlift Technology.

Sanjeev Shakya

Hod Software

Engineer Sanjeev was one of the initial co-founder of Avartan and some of our project still follows his base framework in the software part. His visionary inputs are still used by the current team in Avartan. Currently, he is actively working as a software engineer in Leapfrog Technology.

Sunita Gajurel

Backend Developer, Intern

An Engineer, who interned with Avartan during 2019, while in the team she actively worked as backend developer and handled the software department. She was also part of the team during Everest Hackathon of 2019. Currently, she is working as associate engineer in Covitiy.

About us

Who are we?

Avartan in sanskrit meaning: Iteration.
Considering the fact that any hardware or software design process has this part called iteration, we named our company ‘iteration’, being a tech company, its legally, “Avartan Technology”.
We are a startup formed initially during July 2015 by three software and hardware enthusiasts with aim to provide data-driven analytics for different aspect of industry. Currently, we are developing a generic software and hardware solution based on IoT technology to solve data critical problems in the large and small scale industries.
Currently, we primarily focus on data analytics to drive optimum resource usage. So the tagline: “Data Driven Optimization”.

Company mission:
To Follow Data driven approach in utilization of the natural resources, for sustainable development of the community

Why Nepal for RnD company in Nepal??

  • Shares a border with two world giants India and China. (easy raw material for rapid prototyping)
  • Virgin Land in terms of technical exploitation.
  • In less than 800 km of span, altitude varies from 8848 m - 70 m. (ideal location for system performance testing)
  • Similarly, temperature varies from -10℃ to 35 ℃. (best reason for system testing)
  • Production of annual 1500 technical manpower. (Ensures the availability of required manpower around the time)
  • Worlds one of cheapest city to work in. (compared to near cities like Bangalore and Chinese cities)


We currently aren't hiring, but if you want to be part of us, do not hesitate to send us your CV and Cover letter to